We are a family business of Artisan Pie Bakers with an idea that pies can be made better.

We create handmade, premium pies using uncompromised delicious ingredients.We promote Heritage meats, true provenance and support British farming. Our aim is to become The premium pie brand for Wales...


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    Spicy Sausage Fideua

    A smoky sausage and spaghetti Mexican dish. A great one pan meal

    November Update:

    9th October 2013

    Hold onto your pants!! Back by popular demand....THE FESTIVE PIE along with our soon to be released Christmas Order Form featuring Boozy Mince Pies.

    About our award-winning pies

    We are a family business with an idea that pies can and should be made better. Our aim is for our pies to be the best they can be, with Organic meats & cheese, eggs from our own free range chickens plus three National 'Great British Pie Awards' in our first year...we think we're on the right track!