Our Meat Sourcing Policy

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Where Our Beef Comes From...

In light of the recent news with the discovery of horse meat rather than beef in some ready produced supermarket meals we felt we should try to offer some comfort to all our customers, both new & old, who may be looking more closely at what they eat.

 You may like to know that we have full traceabiliity of ALL our ingredients. In fact, there are only 3 stages in our meat food chain. The farmer, the slaughter house / butchery, and the producer (thats us). There's nothing complex or convoluted spanning several countries or subsiduary processing plants. We keep it British & where possible we keep it Welsh.

 We use Celtic Pride Beef & Pork only. Celtic Pride carries the coveted Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status, awarded to food products that have full traceability within their country of origin, you would have seen the PGI marking on such products as Champagne, Parmesan Cheese, Cornish Pasties & Melton Mowbray Pork Pies.

 Beef marketed under the Celtic Pride brand can be traced from the farm to the
customer. It's produced and processed in Wales to meet the highest standards of
quality, health, taste, flavour and safety. These standards are achieved by the
adoption of best practice in production, procurement, processing and sale with
the meat being matured for 21 days.

Grass and other home-grown feeds form the major part of the animals' lifetime
diet (as nature intended), no hormones or chemical additives to speed growth or
increase weight. All this is borne out by the mouth-watering flavour which is
second to none.

So when you shop local with Elm Tree Foods you can feel safe about what you're eating and good that you are supporting local businesses, animal welfare, low food miles and producers who are passionate about what they do best.